Welcome Education Fund Participants

Starting on January 1st, 2024, you will need to re-register for a new cnaZone CEUs subscription by filling out the form below. This applies to EVERYONE, regardless of whether you had an active subscription in 2023. Thank you!
Questions or concerns? Please be assured that you can create an individualized educational plan and discuss your plans for 2023 by making an appointment with your Education Fund Career Counselor/Regional Coordinator. This can be done via MyEdFund, the Education Fund’s secure, online member portal.
You can also write to: continuingeducation@theedfund.org.

Please complete the form below. After submission, you will receive a temporary password which you can use to log in to the system & take as many classes as you'd like.

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Your first name, last name and employee ID # must match what we have on file in order to register with Education Fund.
Please note: You are registering through Education Fund. You do NOT have to make a payment on cnaZone.com.
If at any time you are prompted for payment please write us by clicking here.
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