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Frequently Asked questions

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If you bought unlimited courses, go to the course list and click on the the "Add to my account" button next to the test you want to add.

If you didn't buy unlimited courses, simply purchase the course and it will be added.

First, click on the course list and decide which test you would like to take. If you need several CEUs the best option is unlimited courses. Add items to your cart and then check out. Once payment is complete you can take the test immediately.

You can download the material from our site. You can download it from the course description page or, if you've already purchased the test, from the My Account page.

Once you have purchased a test or added it to your account...
  • Log into our site by clicking here or clicking on the "Login" button to the left. (If you are already logged in the button above will say "Log Out".)
  • Click on the My Account link.
  • Next to each test on this page that you have not already taken is a link that says "Take Test". Clicking on this begins the process of entering answers.

We report daily for courses completed the previous day. For example, if you complete a course on Friday, it will be reported on Saturday.

Log into the site and click on the Course List link. You will notice that every course has the words "Add to my account" next to it. Add the courses you want to take, then click on the My Account link to download material or take a test.

We keep costs low by handling all business on the Internet. We promise to respond to all emails within 12 hours, but usually we respond quicker than that.

The purchasing process is completely secure.

We just provide courses for CNA's. You can check here for Pharmacy and Pharmacy Tech CEs.