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The Basics of Cancer and Cancer Care

Course Summary

Cancer is a common but complex disease. The initiation and development of cancer involves a subtle interplay between environmental factors, lifestyle habits, genetics, individual susceptibility, and abnormalities in the natural processes of cell growth and death. Specific environmental substances that cause cancer are called carcinogens. Although the cause of certain cancers can be definitely identified, there are quite a number of cancers for which the etiology remains unknown, and many important questions about how, and to whom cancer occurs are still unanswered.

Course Objectives
  • Identify treatment options for different types of cancer.
  • Describe the common cancers and the screening guidelines for these cancers.
  • Explain the health care professional’s role in caring for patients with cancer.
Course Syllabus
Introduction;What is Cancer?;The Causes of Cancer;Diagnosis of Cancer;Treatment of Cancer;Caring for a Patient who has Cancer
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Kristina (Tia) Neu

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