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Responding to Family and Client Concerns

Course Summary

Caring for others is a big responsibility and being supportive and assisting them with answers to questions or concerns can be an important aspect of being a health care professional. Ensuring you understand what they are asking is the first step in giving them the appropriate information. The second is knowing where to acquire the information and that the information is accurate. Clients and family members may have questions ranging from when and how to get out of bed following surgery or perhaps, the client has started a new medication and is having dizzy spells. Understanding what your responsibility is and what is out of your scope of practice will help in assisting the client or family member with the correct or appropriate information. In this course we will look at common concerns clients and family members may have, how to acquire the correct information for them, and when it is your responsibility to give them the information or have another member of the healthcare team speak with them.

Course Objectives
  • Identify ways to know that the client and/or family members understand they can bring their questions and concerns forward.
  • Explain who to ask if you are unsure how to answer a client or family member’s question.
  • Describe where to find the answer to many questions that will arise from clients and family members.
  • Explain when to seek guidance from your supervisor or a superior when a question is out of your scope of practice.
Course Syllabus
  • Creating a Safe Atmosphere for Communication
  • Allowing Time to Listen and Express
  • Empathize with the Client or Family Member
  • Common Patient Complaints in Healthcare
  • Understanding What You Have Control Over
  • Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders and Advanced Directives
  • Assisting in the Grieving Process
  • Apologizing and Taking Responsibility
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