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Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Care of the Surgical Patient

Course Summary

Care of surgical patients in the pre-operative and post-operative phases of a procedure is an important responsibility of a health care professional that requires close collaboration with all members of the surgical team. Preparing a patient for surgery requires focus on pre-operative tasks as well as patient education and psychological preparation and support. Pre-operative care of patients helps to ensure successful outcomes in the post-operative phase of recovery and healing. The surgical treatment team must always bear in mind that the surgical patient has been through a very stressful experience and that serious complications are possible. By preparing the patient and reinforcing post-operative treatment the surgical health team can encourage patient compliance during all phases of recovery. The post-operative exercises and preventive measures to avoid post-operative complications to speed the recovery process are discussed.

Course Objectives
  • Explain the pre-operative tasks and psychological preparation of the surgical patient
  • Describe patient education of surgical procedures and legal documentation needed
  • Identify the serious complications that are possible after surgery
Course Syllabus
  • Introduction
  • Patient Care Before Surgery
  • Fasting Requirements Before Surgery
  • Skin Preparation
  • Pre-Operative Teaching
  • Incentive Spirometer
  • Post-operative Care and Complications
  • Summary
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