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Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse

Course Summary

Domestic violence and elder abuse are common and frightening social problems that affect not only those being abused but extend to other members of the family. The unfortunate aspect of domestic abuse and elder abuse is it seldom seems to attract the attention needed to break the cycle. The exact cases of domestic violence and elder abuse occurring every year remain obscure and go unrecognized and underreported. The victims very often do not report their abusers, and the cycle of violence and injury continues.

Course Objectives
  • Identify three types of elder abuse
  • List three signs of elder abuse
  • Explain two reasons why elder abuse may go unreported
Course Syllabus
  • Introduction
  • Elder Abuse - The Scope of the Problem
  • How Can You Recognize Elder Abuse?
  • Elder Abuse - What Should You Do?
  • Domestic Violence - The Scope of the Problem
  • How Can You Recognize Domestic Violence?
  • Domestic Violence - What Should You Do?
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Kristina (Tia) Neu

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