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Hearing Impairment

Author: Dana Bartlett, BSN, MSN, MA, CSPI

Course Created: 2018

Practice Level:

No book to buy Duration: 1 hours
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Course Summary

Hearing impairment is one of the most common sensory disorders and has multiple underlying causes. There are three basic types of hearing impairment: conductive hearing impairment, sensorineural hearing impairment, and mixed hearing impairment. Many conditions can cause hearing impairment, and presbycusis, a form of sensorineural hearing impairment, is the most common. Regardless of the level of impairment or why it happened, hearing impairment can be a significant cause of social difficulties, a decreased quality of life, social isolation, and depression. Some hearing impairments are temporary and curable and some are permanent and irreversible but there are ways of helping a person who has a temporary or permanent hearing impairment to communicate.

Course Format

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Course Syllabus

  • Anatomy of the Ear
  • The Process of Hearing
  • Types of Hearing Impairment
  • Evaluation and Assessment of Hearing
  • Prevention of Hearing Impairment
  • Treatment for Hearing Impairment
  • Amplification Devices
  • Assisting the Hearing Impaired Patient

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the anatomy of the ear and the process of hearing.
  • List the common forms of hearing impairment.
  • Describe how to work with patients who have a hearing impairment.


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